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dj DARICHA – David Zaremba

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Lets get this party started! For booking contact, feel free to drop me an email on booking@venkatesha.de or press the button below.

Free Presets

You may find some of my synth - presets  on presetshare.com for free - even for commercial  usage - in your own productions.

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Here you'll find my Tracks, Albums and even upcoming stuff for pre order sales.

Album: Intentional Misspelling

Heart opening vocals and vibes meets Dancefloor awakening basslines and grooves.

Upcoming: Yoga & Psytrance

The upcoming Album "Impossible is not Yogic" from Yogamaster (Yoga Acarya) and DJ - David Zaremba glues a "Yoga - Asana - Class" with Electro, Trance and Psytrance vibes. We tryed the concept on 'Hai in den Mai' Festiva in may 2023 on the Dancefloor an it was -- a great success! 🙂
Releases July 22, 2023 on bandcamp.com



You get

Intro, Avahana Mantra, Kabhalabhati Kriya Pranayama, Anuloma Viloma Pranayama, Surya Namaskara, Upside Down Asana, Forward Bend Asana, Heart opening Asana, mind balancing Asana, 'Dance and make it your day' and a  Closing Mantra.

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